For 28 years, the principals of the Morgenthau Group have been creating wealth for third party investors. The Group has previously consisted of a private placement investment group and a broker/dealer network which is a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the Regional Investment Bankers Association (RIBA), Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC), and the Municipal Securities Ruling Board (MSRB). Today, the Morgenthau Group is proud to announce the introduction of our latest investment service ---The Southeast Capital Partners Private Equity Fund.

During our first two decades, the company aggressively lowered total investment risk by structuring private equity platforms using alternative asset classes (Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Equipment Leasing, Mezzanine / Bridge financing, Historic Rehabilitation) that leveraged existing tax structures. A high rate of "after tax" returns to our investors resulted in the successful funding of over $100 million dollars in limited partnerships.

As our investment services expanded, the concept of "The Morgenthau Group" emerged. The accumulated experience gained over the years as both a Broker / Dealer in alternative asset classes and in the private placement arena positioned the Group to carefully expand into the role of lead investor in private, early stage companies. In recent years, Morgenthau & Associates reduced its three offices (Fort Lauderdale, FL, New York, NY and Baltimore, MD) to one location in Fort Lauderdale. In doing so, Morgenthau has also reduced its broker sales force, focusing on the growth of its portfolio companies.

Selectively chosen companies were invested in by the Principals prior to offering them to the firm's investors using SEC regulation D offerings. The Principals were the first investors in and the last investors out of any venture. The Morgenthau philosophy of "never asking an investor to take a risk that we were not willing to share" remains so today. We have raised approximately $112 million in private placements for companies in the past five years, excluding the larger Coulter transactions.

Collectively, the firm alone, has over 100 years of solid experience as lead investors in early stage investments, investment banking, and broker/dealer management complemented by executive level operations expertise in startups and turnarounds. When combined with our excellent team of attorneys, accounting firms, and specialized consultants, the Group is a vibrant entrepreneurial firm that can analyze complex situations, accelerate investment decisions and set the pace which energizes entrepreneurs to get to market rapidly.

The private investment side of the Morgenthau Group was recently recertified by the State of Florida as one of four Venture Capital companies able to participate under the State's Certified Capital Companies Act. This level of expertise creates investor wealth and brings the "value add" required by today's discerning entrepreneurial companies.

At Morgenthau, we give the same attention to your
investment as to our own — for one very logical reason…

They ARE the same!

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